Young Adults YA with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer NSCLC Snapshot of the OncogenincDrivers and Immune Landscapes


Aaron Pruitt, Robert Hsu, Nishant Gandhi, Coral Olazapasti, Estelamari Rodriguez, Dwight Owen, Jinesh Gheeya, Jun Zhang, Muhammad Furqan, Jaclyn LoPiccolo, Andrew Elliott, Ari Vanderwalde, Stephanie Rock, Patrick Ma, Balazs Halmos, Zhonglin Hao


  • Approximately 5% of NSCLC occurs in patients 50 years or younger (median age:71) representing distinct clinicopathological features.
  • Reports characterizing genomic alterations are scarce and limited by cost/availability of NGS.
  • Using a large real-world (RW) dataset, we characterize oncogenic drivers, and immune landscapes to better understand YA with NSCLC.
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