Caris FoundationEstablished in 2002, The Caris Foundation™, is a non-profit, private foundation that aids and empowers impoverished people through establishing a local presence within communities to understand basic needs and implement solutions that are culturally relevant and sustainable.

  • Mission: is to help people in need and alleviate as much human suffering as possible
  • Goal: is to implement solutions to suffering and poverty that are culturally relevant and sustainable
  • Efforts: are focused on the least fortunate where our resources can provide the greatest benefit to the most people
  • Desire: is to demonstrate grace to those who have the greatest need

Haiti HIV Program

The Caris Foundation supports the happy and healthy development of children and families affected by HIV through:

  • HIV testing for infants born to HIV positive mothers
  • Tracking and follow-up care for HIV positive pregnant women and children from birth to 18 years of age
  • Education and community awareness:
    • Kids and mother’s community clubs
    • School programs
    • Vocational training programs
    • Microfinance initiatives

Kenya Empowerment Program

The Caris Foundation supports single mothers living in poverty in Malindi, Kenya. The program began in 2008 due to a teenage pregnancy pandemic. The program empowers participants through:

  • Self-sustainable economic welfare utilizing money management training and income generating projects
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual wellness by training in health, hygiene, nutrition, offering counseling and mentoring spiritual formation
  • Stewardship skills equipping them to manage their own resources including money, land, time and talent
  • Service to their communities by training them to become change agents who lead and facilitate solutions to community concerns and problems

Medical Missions

The Caris Foundation has organized thousands of surgeries around the world for those without access to or cannot afford medical care. Surgeries include:

  • 1,500 major general surgeries in Kenya
  • Hundreds of head and neck surgeries in Kenya
  • 5,000 eye surgeries in Indonesia and Guatemala
  • 800 cleft lip/palate surgeries in Guatemala and China

Disaster Relief

When disasters happen across the world, the Caris Foundation responds quickly and efficiently with food, water and assistance. The Caris Foundation has responded to:

  • Haiti earthquake 2010
  • Philippines typhoon 2013
  • Kenya drought 2009 and flood 2013

To learn more about the Caris Foundation, please visit The Caris Foundation is based in Colleyville, Texas.