“I want people to know that molecular profiling is so important when you have cancer, to know what treatment options you have.”

Christie Bevington,

Lung Cancer Survivor

Caris Life Sciences® Video Library

Caris exists to improve the lives of cancer patients. We do this by looking at each patient on a molecular level. Every person is unique, and every person’s cancer is unique. We believe that every cancer patient deserves to know precisely what is happening in their body, so that they can be treated with the best therapies for their disease.

Patient Stories

Caris is helping extend the lives of as many cancer patients as possible.​

Patient Education Videos

The Central Principles of Molecular Biology video series is meant to help explain molecular profiling and cancer, so that you can understand how Caris molecular profiling helps fight cancer through precision oncology.

About Caris and Molecular Profiling

My Cancer. My Story

Your story may provide strength and support to others who are battling cancer.

Fighting Cancer Smarter

Knowing what cancer looks like at the molecular level can lead to better treatment options.

Find a Physician

Find an oncologist with expertise in Caris molecular profiling.


Your doctor can personalize your disease management plan by tailoring your treatment to the specific biomarkers found in your cancer.