Caris Assure Blood Based Profiling

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Be Sure with Caris Assure

With deep molecular insights from a simple blood sample, Caris Assure™ offers a minimally-invasive liquid biopsy option for biomarker analysis and serial monitoring of cancer patients when tissue samples are not available. No matter the specimen type – tissue or blood – Caris Life Sciences’ flexible, multi-faceted molecular profiling platforms deliver uncompromising reliability to guide personalized treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes.*

The Most Powerful Liquid Biopsy Assay Ever Developed.

Circulating Nucleic Acid Sequencing

Intended Use
Biomarker Analysis (incl. Resistance Mutations) for Therapy Associations

Biological Coverage
cfDNA  cfRNA  gDNA  gRNA

Variant Coverage
Somatic Tumor  Somatic CHIP  Incidental Germline 

Genes & Depth
23,000+  22,000x (avg. raw reads)

Next Generation Sequencing
Whole Exome (cfDNA)
Whole Transcriptome (cfRNA)

SNV  INDEL  CNA  Fusions

Genomic Signatures
bTMB  gLOH  HLA Genotype  MSI

Specimen Quantity
2 Tubes Whole Blood

Performance in Advanced/Metastatic Patients
Pathogenic & Likely Pathogenic Variants:
Sensitivity >93%
Specificity >99%
PPV >93%
LOD 0.07% VAF
Incidental Germline :
Sensitivity >99%
Specificity >99%
PPV >99%

Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing from Blood

Caris Assure analyzes all 23,000+ genes at the DNA and RNA level using whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing, providing the most robust and accurate assessment of the key molecular features of a patient’s cancer. This comprehensive approach identifies all pan-cancer biomarkers, including a wide range of variant types and genomic signatures. This powerful assay includes characterization of somatic tumor alterations, somatic CHIP alterations and identification of incidental germline findings. The assay further enables minimally invasive serial monitoring for detection of tumor heterogeneity and emergence of resistance mutations. The assay is intended for patients with previously diagnosed solid tumors.

Accurate, Actionable Results for More Patients

Circulating Nucleic Acids Sequencing (cNAS) is a novel liquid biopsy molecular profiling approach that analyzes circulating cell-free DNA and RNA (cfDNA, cfRNA) plus genomic DNA and RNA (gDNA, gRNA) from circulating white blood cells. DNA-only molecular profiling assays often do not provide enough nucleic acid material for sequencing due to low- or non-shedding tumors. With more information-rich nucleic acids to analyze, Caris’ novel cNAS assay addresses the non-shedding issue, generating a reliable result for more patients while improving sensitivity and specificity.

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Coming Soon!

Caris Assure blood-based profiling will be available soon. Not available in all locations.

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* Caris Assure is intended for patients with previously diagnosed solid malignant neoplasms where tissue is not available, or the diagnostic specimen has been exhausted, and is to be used by qualified healthcare professionals. Subject to availability. Not available in all locations.

† Not a replacement for comprehensive germline testing. Incidental pathogenic alterations detected in ACMG recognized cancer genes are reported. Negative results do not imply the patient doesn not harbor a germline mutation.

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