With every passing day, new discoveries are made that lend support to the increasing and important role biomarker analysis and tumor profiling play in personalized cancer care. Caris Life Sciences® is actively participating in research to advance the understanding of molecular science, further enabling the delivery of precision medicine.

TERT gene fusions characterize a subset of metastatic Leydig cell tumors

Immuno-oncology therapy biomarkers differences between polyoma-virus positive and negative Merkel cell carcinomas

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WRN mutated Colorectal Cancer is characterized by a distinct molecular and immunological profile

Large-scale Analysis of CDH1 mutations defines a distinctive molecular subset in gastric cancer

Potential actionable targets in appendiceal cancer detected by immunohistochemistry (IHC), fluorescent in situ hybridiza&on (FISH) and mutational analysis.

Predictive Biomarker Profiling of > 6000 Breast Cancer Patients Shows Heterogeneity in TNBC, With Treatment Implications

Predictive biomarker profiling of > 1,900 sarcomas: Identification of potential novel treatment modalities