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Caris was founded with a very simple but powerful purpose – to help improve the lives of as many people as possible. Our advanced tumor profiling approach analyzes your DNA, RNA and proteins to better understand your cancer at the molecular level. This information can help your oncologist figure out where the error in the cells may be occurring and what treatments may be the most effective.

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How Caris can help you fight cancer.

Most Comprehensive
Molecular Information

Every Gene
All 22,000 - DNA & RNA


Artificial Intelligence
Helping predict response and
classify cancer types


We help you and your oncologist identify therapies with potentially greater benefit, while ruling out those that are less likely to work.

Clinical Trial

We match each patient’s unique biomarker profile to potential clinical trials.

Patient Education Videos

The Central Principles of Molecular Biology video series is meant to help explain molecular profiling and cancer, so that you can understand how Caris molecular profiling helps fight cancer through precision oncology.

What is Molecular Profiling?

No two tumors are alike. Therefore, it is imperative to have as much information about your cancer as possible in order to make personalized treatment choices. Molecular profiling can identify biomarkers in your tumor that provide important insights on whether your tumor may or may not respond to specific drugs or therapies.

Biomarkers are many different compounds in the body that indicate something about your health. Cancer biomarkers are typically proteins, genes and other molecules that affect how cancer cells grow, multiply, die and respond to treatment. Some cancer biomarkers can be used to predict how aggressively your cancer will grow and are useful for determining your prognosis. These biomarkers can also be used to identify the therapies most likely to target the cancer cells in your tumor.

When a sample from your tumor undergoes molecular profiling, your oncologist receives a report that lists the molecular biomarkers that make up your tumor. This unique information can help your oncologist personalize your treatment plan by predicting which treatments your cancer is likely to respond to.

How Caris Molecular Profiling Works

  1. Your tumor sample is sent to our laboratory, where it’s analyzed through a series of advanced molecular profiling tests to identify the unique biomarkers of your cancer – your molecular profile.
  2. Advanced bioinformatics, combining molecular data and AI, is used to identify which treatments your cancer is likely or not likely to respond to.
  3. Within a few days, your oncologist will receive a molecular profiling report.
  4. You and your oncologist can use this report to develop a personalized treatment plan, based on your cancer’s unique characteristics.

Fighting Cancer Smarter

Knowing what cancer looks like at the molecular level can lead to better treatment options.

What Are Biomarkers?

Biomarkers are molecules that indicate a normal or abnormal process occurring in your body.

Caris is dedicated to ensuring that every cancer patient has access to the best possible treatment.

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If you are a patient or caregiver and have questions about Caris molecular profiling please contact us today.