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An entire industry started with an idea. Founded in 2008, Caris Life Sciences® is on a mission to help patients, clinicians, researchers, and payors navigate, advance and reinvent cancer care. Our unique combination of expertise, proprietary technologies, clinical testing capabilities, and extensive library of clinical data enables us to advance precision medicine.

We exist to save the lives of cancer patients.

Caris Life Sciences was founded with a very simple but powerful purpose – to help improve the lives of as many people as possible. With transformative technologies, we are revolutionizing precision medicine to provide physicians and patients with the highest quality information about their health. Through tireless efforts, breakthrough molecular science and a passionate commitment to quality, we remain steadfastly focused on the most important part of our work – the patient.”

David Dean Halbert
Chairman, Founder and CEO
Caris Life Sciences

Advancing Precision Medicine

As the pioneer in precision medicine, Caris is ushering in a new era of cancer care with blood-based monitoring for patients before treatment, during treatment and after treatment. Currently available within Caris’ Precision Oncology Alliance, our pan-cancer, circulating nucleic acids sequencing (cNAS) assay combines comprehensive molecular analysis (Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing from blood) and serial monitoring – making it the most powerful liquid biopsy assay ever developed.

We are also advancing precision medicine through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. Leveraging our proprietary AI analytics engine, DEAN™, across our extensive catalog of molecular intelligence and clinical outcomes data, Caris is actively developing a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer in ways never before possible. This information provides an unmatched resource to help physicians better identify and predict patient response to therapy, as well as support researchers and biopharmaceutical companies derive unique insights for research development, clinical trials and target identification.

Why Caris?

Caris developed the world’s first and most comprehensive tumor profiling service, providing a complete molecular blueprint and guiding personalized cancer treatment that improves outcomes and saves lives.



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Square Feet of Laboratory Space

State-of-the-Art Laboratories

At our state-of-the-art and highly innovative labs, we’re actively working to fulfill the promise of precision medicine through our unique and transformative platforms to help patients with cancer and other complex diseases. Caris meets the highest standards of technical competency and quality management for medical laboratories worldwide. At our 66,000 square foot, state-of-the-art laboratory located in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide high quality, reliable molecular testing services for all stages of the drug development cycle and routine clinical use. From pre-clinical research for compound development efforts to established, commercially available therapies, Caris provides robust genomic and proteomic testing capabilities across a variety of specimen types and high-throughput technologies.

4 Precision Medicine Laboratories (Phoenix and Dallas) Totaling 300K+ Sq. Ft.

  • Clinical Lab (Phoenix)
  • Blood Lab (Phoenix)
  • R&D Lab (Phoenix)
  • Blood/Solid Clinical Lab (Dallas) – COMING SOON

Caris is the pioneer and leading innovator in precision medicine, bringing deep history, molecular expertise, and revolutionary science to healthcare.

An entire industry was born when Caris
was established in 2008

  • 490,000+ CLINICAL cases
  • Thousands of ordering physicians across ~60 countries
  • Growing biopharma collaborations
  • CAP, CLIA, ISO, NY DOH accreditations/licenses

Large facility footprint – 411,000 sq. ft. globally.

  • Irving, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • New York, NY
  • Denver, CO
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Basel, Switzerland

Trailblazing the path to precision oncology
and improving patient outcomes

  • First comprehensive molecular profiling service
  • First and industry-defining report format
  • First to offer WES and WTS for every patient
  • First to provide a drug response predictor for mCRC patients using AI (Caris FOLFIRSTai)
  • First Right-In-Time clinical trials service 
  • Largest clinico-genomic database in oncology
  • Largest precision oncology network (Caris POA)
  • First cNAS blood-based assay

Comprehensive Cancer Testing

Caris has a unique combination of expertise, proprietary technologies, clinical testing abilities, and a vast library of data – molecular data as well as outcomes data on hundreds of thousands of patients – that allows us to advance precision medicine in ways that other companies cannot. We have developed market-leading platforms that are helping clinicians better diagnose and treat their patients today and accelerate the discoveries of tomorrow.

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