Precision Medicine Pioneer

Caris Life Sciences was founded in 2008 with a simple but powerful purpose – to help improve the lives of as many people as possible. With transformative technologies informed by massive amounts of big data, we are revolutionizing healthcare to provide physicians and patients with the highest quality information about their disease – from detecting it early and determining how best to treat it, to developing the next wave of novel therapies.

Caris was built for one reason – to improve the human condition.

Through tireless efforts, breakthrough molecular science and a passionate commitment to quality, we remain steadfastly focused on the most important part of our work – the patient.”

David D. Halbert (h.c.)
Chairman, Founder and CEO

Unlocking Disease to Improve the Human Condition

The root cause for nearly every type of disease is that an error has occurred somewhere in the human body. Nested deep in our molecular coding, is a universe of biological networks that provide the source of life. From how our cells grow, divide and even die, this biological web holds the keys to better detect, categorize, treat and inform healthcare in an entirely new way.

Through comprehensive molecular profiling (Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing) and the application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, Caris has created the large-scale clinico-genomic database and cognitive computing needed to analyze and unravel the molecular complexity of disease. This convergence of sequencing power, big data and AI technologies provides an unmatched resource to develop the next-generation of precision medicine tools for early detection, diagnosis, monitoring, therapy selection and drug development.

Beyond Oncology

With a primary focus on cancer, Caris has built a market-leading portfolio of precision medicine tools that have helped more than half a million cancer patients worldwide. Caris’ patient impact, as well as molecular knowledge of disease, has significantly vaulted the field of Oncology from an empiric medicine methodology to a precision medicine approach. Oncology is now widely recognized as one of the most genomically characterized fields in medicine and nearly every clinical trial for cancer includes a biomarker or molecular signature to evaluate drug performance.

The same precision medicine approach that has been applied to cancer can now be applied to other disease states. Caris has begun research and development activities for cardiovascular disease and is actively building a multi-omic database to fuel the next-generation suite of precision medicine solutions for cardiovascular health.

Caris Creed

Cancer. It’s an ugly word. A word you don’t want to hear. Yet, it’s a word that connects us all. At some point, in one way or another, disease will touch our lives. However, what connects us can also drive us and push us to do something about it.

That’s why we introduced the idea of precision medicine to the world. An entire industry was born from our vision. A molecular science and AI powerhouse. Novel tools that fundamentally changed the way cancer is characterized and treated. Guided by an unwavering devotion to help patients – Always asking “What would I do if this patient was my mom?”

Our relentless passion to unravel the complexities of molecular disease powers our progress. But, we haven’t stopped at cancer. Driven by a decade of innovation to help build a better world. We are not waiting for change. We are the change and it is happening now. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and leading a revolution in healthcare. With one common goal…. to improve the human condition across multiple diseases.

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