MI Trials

MI Trials offer patients and physicians access to the latest drugs being developed to improve clinical outcomes. However, awareness of available trials is low and overall participation in oncology trials is less than five percent. Caris helps increase awareness and participation of clinical trials through Caris Trial Solutions.

MI Trials provide:

  • Real-time alerts to clinicians, matching patients with clinical trials in their area,
  • Increased patient access to a larger number of potential treatment options, and
  • Unsurpassed clinical trial support through a physician consultant team specializing in oncology.

CMI Data

Comprehensive molecular profiling of DNA, RNA and proteins to identify patients for appropriate biomarker-driven trials.

Clinical Trial Navigator

Alerts clinician of patient-trial match and provides consultations on trial opportunities for identified patients.

Molecular Science Liaison

Provides physician with expertise on Caris molecular profiling results.

MI Trials offer patients and physicians access to the latest drugs in development. However, clinical trial awareness is low and trial site activation can take months. Caris Right-In-Time Clinical Trial Solutions improves the way physicians and patients connect with clinical trials by combining best-in-class tumor profiling with Right-In-Time (RIT) clinical trial capabilities to deliver on-demand patient-centric clinical trial solutions.

Enhancing access to the latest and most promising treatments and clinical trials quickly – in days, not months.

Changing the Paradigm of Clinical Trials


Comprehensive Tumor Profiling


Assessing DNA, RNA and Proteins reveals a molecular blueprint to guide more precise treatment decisions, including clinical trial options.


Cancer Clinical Trials

More than 1,120 new drugs are in development and over 6,000 clinical trials are available for cancer patients.


Right-In-Time Clinical Trials


Introducing an On-Demand Clinical Trial Model:

  • Expedites patient-trial matching and pre-screening support
  • Provides greater access to cancer treatment and therapies
  • Offers treatments locally, where the patient lives for continuity of care
  • Streamlines administrative process of site activation and reduces costs
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