Artificial Intelligence at the Molecular Level

Caris Life Sciences combines massive amounts of genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data with clinical outcomes, creating one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of combined molecular and clinical outcomes data in the world – more than 482,000 matched patient records and growing. This convergence of data enables the identification of unique, novel signatures that has demonstrated improved outcomes and increased overall survival for cancer patients.

Caris Molecular AI

Caris Molecular AI has one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of combined molecular and clinical outcomes data in the world. As the pioneer in precision medicine and leading molecular science company, Caris has unleashed highly sophisticated AI bioinformatics and machine learning capabilities on a massive database derived from Caris molecular profiling, the most comprehensive genomic profiling service available. This convergence of data and machine learning enables us to identify unique, proprietary signatures to classify cancer at the molecular level. Patients are at the center of everything Caris does, and our philosophy of “profile first” allows us to classify cancer at the molecular level and predict patient response in ways never before possible.


Caris FOLFIRSTai is the first commercially available AI signature for the prediction of benefit from standard chemotherapy. Using a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Caris identified a molecular signature that is highly predictive of benefit from first-line chemotherapy with FOLFOX (in combination with bevacizumab) in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. This signature, Caris FOLFIRSTai, was validated in 2 independent datasets, which included patients from the published TRIBE2 study.

Caris GPSai

Caris GPSai (Genomic Probability Score) assists in providing diagnostic verification on every case including cases of cancer of unknown primary (CUP), atypical clinical presentations or cases with clinical ambiguity. Caris GPSai is a cancer type similarity score that analyzes a tumor’s molecular signature against 90 cancer categories in the Caris clinico-genomic database.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

com • pre • hen • sive
/ˌkämprəˈhensiv/ complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.

Caris defines Comprehensive Genomic Profiling with:

  • 23,000 DNA Genes
  • 60,000 RNA Transcripts
  • Protein Analysis
  • Results for Every Patient


Whole Exome Sequencing
(SNVs, Indels & Copy Number Alterations)


Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
(Fusions & Variant Transcripts)




The precision medicine era has arrived, and molecular profiling has become standard of care for many cancer types, recommended by the NCCN Guidelines® and required for certain therapies as a companion diagnostic test. More than ever, oncologists need a trusted profiling partner to provide reliable, high quality molecular information to guide more precise and individualized treatment decisions.

The Caris molecular profiling comprehensive tumor profiling approach to assess DNA, RNA and Proteins reveals the highest quality molecular blueprint to guide more precise and individualized treatment decisions to improve outcomes. Our comprehensive molecular profiling offers more complete molecular insights and fewer missed mutations than with limited NGS testing panels or single tests.

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Molecular Profiling

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