Precision Oncology Alliance

Caris Life Sciences® founded the Precision Oncology Alliance to promote the study and appropriate use of molecular testing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.​

Precision Oncology Alliance

The Caris Precision Oncology Alliance™ (POA) is the leading cancer research enterprise in the world, exclusively focused on precision oncology to optimize clinical care and outcomes of patients with cancer. The vision of the POA is to build a best-in-class collaborative research network of leading physicians and oncologists to identify predictive and prognostic markers to further advance the integration of molecular profiling into all aspects of cancer care.

The alliance is comprised of a growing network of leading cancer centers from across the country that demonstrate a commitment to precision medicine and work collaboratively to:

  • Integrate molecular testing where appropriate into cancer care and patient treatment management
  • Collaborate on research studies and clinical trials
  • Track longitudinal clinical outcomes, contribute data, and correlate outcomes with molecular clinical demographic attributes
  • Publish innovative abstracts and manuscripts in top-tier journals promoting academic advancement in molecular profiling and its impact on clinical care

It’s important for oncologists and patients to know that their data is available to them for analysis. Our database of clinical outcomes is populated with anonymized data from POA member institutions and from commercially available data. This continuous feedback loop between finding new biomarkers and interpreting their significance, provides insights for drug developers and aids in the promotion of clinical trials, which ultimately feeds back into our system and directly helps patients. This cultivation of combined clinical-genomic data and collaborative research helps the POA and all of its members advance the science of cancer care.

Support Through Caris Life Sciences

As a leading innovator in molecular science and artificial intelligence focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine through quality and innovation, Caris Life Sciences (Caris) is helping our POA partners improve cancer care and maximize patient outcomes through advanced diagnostic testing and molecular insights. Caris has a unique combination of expertise, proprietary technologies, clinical testing abilities and a vast library of data that allows Caris and the POA to collaboratively advance precision medicine in ways never before possible.


  • Access to Caris CODEai* , a growing database with clinical outcomes paired with matched molecular data.
  • Caris molecular profiling technologies provide machine learning, artificial intelligence-driven offerings revolutionizing cancer care, in addition to analyzing DNA, RNA and proteins with multiple technologies (WES, WTS, IHC, ISH, PyroSeq, etc.).
  • Clinical Trial Solutions offers clinical trial enablement and biopharma collaborations through Right-In-Time trials.
  • Caris Molecular Tumor Board allows consults with cancer experts across the country to review molecular information on specific patient cases.

*CODEai is not yet available to international members.

Diverse Leadership Network

The POA is made up of over 80 leading cancer centers and academic institutions, including over 30 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers, collaborating to deliver molecular science solutions in an effort to promote clinical trials, deliver combined clinical-genomic data, collaborative research, and publications.

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Manuscripts in Medical and Scientific Journals and Publications


Abstracts, Posters and Presentations


Submitted Letters of Intent

Working Groups

With support from our POA staff, members meet regularly and focus on research strategies, publication activities and develop protocols within the disease state of interest. These meetings give all members the opportunity to lead discussions and collaborate on best practices and guidelines for clinical trials as well as review the overall implications for patients. Currently, there are 18 disease groups within the POA and registration for all meetings can be found here.

POA Global Working Group Recordings

International POA members can access recordings of previous working group meetings on demand. Members must register and be verified to access this video library.

Research Initiation (Letter of Intent Process)

Member investigators often engage with Caris on more specific requests ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Requests to query data from Caris’ broader biomarker database.
  • Perform additional or new Caris profile testing on a specific cohort of patients for purposes of research.
  • Propositions to launch collaborative projects amongst POA members.

Precision Oncology Alliance Letter of Intent Process

CTRT: Clinical & Translational Research Team

In addition to creating a thought leadership network to develop best practices and guidelines for integrating molecular profiling into patient treatment management, POA members:

  • Utilize the Caris molecular profiling platform to identify therapy options and clinical trial opportunities based on the unique molecular characteristics of a patient’s tumor.
  • Contribute to the Caris database. We are increasingly able to link to their electronic medical records to augment their clinical outcomes data with our molecular data in a user interface that allows analysis of the combined data set.
  • Leverage the network to conduct research and to generate and publish clinical outcomes data.
  • Leverage available data to participate in pharma-sponsored precision oncology research studies and enhance the ability to efficiently conduct investigator-initiated trials.
  • Explore cost-effectiveness studies and analyses leveraging Caris data.
  • Partner with payors and regulatory bodies to establish value-based reimbursement.
Precision Oncology Alliance Research Process

Molecular Minute Podcast

The Caris Molecular Minute is a podcast series of interviews with many of today’s leading oncology experts and covers a variety of hot topics in precision oncology and advancing cancer care.

POA Publications

Every day, new discoveries confirm the increasing and important role biomarker analysis and tumor profiling have in personalized cancer care. We contribute to the body of research in oncology to advance the understanding of molecular science and further enable the delivery of precision medicine.

POA Leadership

The POA Executive Committee establishes appropriate molecular testing principles.

POA Members

Leading cancer centers around the world dedicated to precision medicine.

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