Transcriptomic signatures associated with markers of immune and angiogenic sensitivity in ccRCC with sarcomatoid rhabdoid feautures


Pedro C. Barata1*, Shuchi Gulati2*, Andrew Elliott3, Arpit Rao4, Hans J. Hammers5, David I. Quinn6, Benjamin A. Gartrell7, Matthew R. Zibelman8, Shuanzeng Wei8, Daniel M. Geynisman8, Tian Zhang9, Sourat Darabi10, Nancy A. Dawson11, Ralph J. Hauke12, Kelsey A. Poorman3, Chadi Nabhan3, Charles J. Ryan4, Elisabeth I. Heath13


Predictive biomarkers for optimal treatment selection in RCC are lacking. Gene expression profiling (GEP) studies have identified angiogenic and immune sig. with potential predictive value in patients (pts) with advanced ccRCC. We aimed to update the findings of a large multi-institutional database (Barata, ASCO-GU 21), with a focus on tumors with sarcomatoid/rhabdoid features.

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