The impact of ARID1A mutation on molecular characteristics in colorectal cancer


Ryuma Tokunaga, Joanne Xiu, Richard M Goldberg, Philip A Philip, Andreas Seeber, Francesca Battaglin, Hiroyuki Arai, Jae Ho Lo, Madiha Naseem, Alberto Puccini, Martin D Berger, Shivani Soni, Wu Zhang, Sting Chen, Jimmy J Hwang, Anthony F Shields, John L Marshall, Hideo Baba, W. Michael Korn, Heinz-Josef Lenz


  • The impact of ARID1A mutations was analysed using 7978 colorectal cancer samples.
  • ARID1A mutation was linked to immune activation, right-sided tumour and early stage.
  • ARID1A mutation may be a biomarker for chemotherapy/radiotherapy and targeted therapy.

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