Prevalence of homologous recombination deficiency among all tumor types


Arielle Heeke, Filipa Lynce, Tabari Baker, Michael Pishvaian, Claudine Isaacs


  • HR mutations present in 13.0% of tumors
  • Most commonly mutated lineages include ovarian (14.1%), bladder (9.7%), breast (8.0%), endometrial (7.4%), prostate (7.1%), and pancreas (6.5%)
  • Most commonly mutated HR genes include PTEN (5.8%), BRCA2 (2.8%), BRCA1 (2.6%), and ATM (1.2%)
    • BRCA1/2 mutations significant among female malignancies and CRC
    • PALB2 mutations appreciated in 2.7% of bladder tumors; also seen in pancreatic cancer, NSCLC, CRC

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