Molecular Characterization of Squamous Cell Ovarian Cancers for Identification of Therapeutic Targets



  • OSCC tumors were more likely to be TMB-H compared to BT and HGSOC, with increased mutational prevalence in multiple genes like PIK3CA, FBXW7, CDKN2A, FAT1, pTERT but no ER or PR positivity
  • Additionally, OSCC tumors also had increased expression of many IC genes, infiltration of M1 Macrophages and higher T-cell inflamed frequency. UMAP analysis showed OSCC and HGSOC have distinct transcriptomic profiles
  • One limitation of this study is the small sample size of OSCC compared to HGSOC, but further characterization of this rare histological subtype with a poor prognosis may lead to identification of therapeutic targets.
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