Large scale multi-omic analysis suggests mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy in leiomyosarcoma


Galina Lagos, Roman Groisberg, Don S. Dizon, Andrew Elliott, Tabitha Copeland, Andreas Seeber, Geoffrey Thomas Gibney, Margaret von Mehren, Kenneth Cardona, Michael J. Demeure, Richard F. Riedel, Vaia Florou, Alexander J. Chou, Abhijeet Kumar, Jaime Modiano, Moh'd M. Khushman, Gina Z. D'Amato, Andrea P. Espejo Freire, W. Michael Korn, Jonathan C. Trent

Background: Leiomyosarcomas (LMS) have been reported to have immunohistochemical (IHC) and gene expression signatures suggestive of an immune-responsive tumor microenvironment. Despite this, immune checkpoint inhibitors have demonstrated minimal activity in LMS. We examined molecular profiles of LMS specimens from multiple institutions to explore mechanisms of immunotherapy (IO) resistance.

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