KRAS G12C mutated pancreatic cancer clinical outcomes based on chemotherapeutic regimen


Aaron Ciner, Bach Ardalan, Yasmine Baca, Sourat Darabi, Anup Kasi, Emil Lou, Jose Azqueta, Joanne Xiu, Chadi Nabhan, Anthony Shields, Andrew Aguirre, Harshabad Singh, Rachna Shroff, Michael Pishvaian, Sanjay Goel


  • In patients with advanced PDAC and a G12C mutation, median overall survival appears significantly longer in those treated with GP compared to FOLFIRINOX.
  • The opposite trend was seen in patients with other KRAS variants including G12D, G12V, and G12R, consistent with the recently presented NAPOLI-3 trial.
  • PDL1 staining was also highest in the KRAS G12C cohort.
  • While this is the largest reported analysis of outcomes to frontline chemotherapy in KRAS G12C-mutated PDAC, the sample size is small and needs validation in additional datasets.
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