Distinct genomic landscapes of gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma depending on PD-L1 expression identify mutations in RAS-MAPK pathway and TP53 as potential predictors of immunotherapy efficacy


J.Wang, J.Xiu,Y.Baca, H.Arai, F.Battaglin, N.Kawanishi, S.Soni, W.Zhang, J.Millstein, A.F.Shields, A.Grothey, B.A.Weinberg, J.L.Marshall, E.Lou, M.Khushman, D.P.S.Sohal, M. J.Hall, M.Oberley, H.J.Lenz


1. GEA tumors with mutations in KRASTP53 and RAS-MAPK pathway are associated with high PD-L1 CPS in the pMMR&MSS subgroup.
2. RAS-MAPK pathway alteration may be a positive predictor and TP53 mutation a negative predictor for ICI efficacy in GEA.
3. RAS-MAPK pathway alteration and TP53 mutation are positively and negatively, respectively, associated with tumor immunity.

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