Differences in the immune microenvironment of gliomas harboring IDH2 versus IDH1 mutations


Quinn Ostrom, Joanne Xiu, Giselle lopez, Ashley Sumrall, Sonikpreet Aulakh, Michael Glantz, Edward Pan, Mustafa Khasraw, David M Ashley, Kyle Walsh



IDH mutations are a defining feature of lower-grade glioma and secondary glioblastoma. Approximately 95% of glioma-associated IDH mutations are in codon 132 of IDH1, but a small proportion are in IDH2. IDH mutations produce the oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate, which induces global DNA hypermethylation and is associated with an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. IDH1 is localized in the cytosol while IDH2 is found in the mitochondrial matrix, and mutations in these genes may have differing effects on the tumor microenvironment.

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