Describing the molecular landscape of cervical cancer metastases: Implications for future therapeutic targets


Matthew J. Hadfield, Sharon Wu, Alex Farrell, Matthew J. Oberley, Grace Sun, Jody Wellcome, Matthew Anderson, Don Dizon

Key Findings:

  • A significant number of cervical cancer (CC) patients present with or progress to advanced disease.
  • Caris testing of 2,668 cervical cancer (CC) samples (1,393 primary cervix samples, 383 local metastatic GYN samples, and 892 distant metastatic samples) enabled comparison of the molecular and immune alterations in CC primaries (CCP) vs. CC metastases (CCM) and interrogation of potential therapeutic strategies.
  • CCM to lymph nodes and liver had the most distinct molecular and immune landscape compared to CCP while ovary/FT had a similar molecular profile but a distinctively cold immune profile compared to CCP.
  • Additional studies will be needed to further evaluate the potential therapeutic opportunities.