Comprehensive molecular and immune profiling of triple-negative invasive lobular carcinoma


Pooja Advani, Sachin Kumar Deshmukh, Sharon Wu, Jacob Andring, Joanne Xiu, Jose P. Leone, Priya Jayachandran, Stephanie L. Graff, Matthew J. Oberley, George W. Sledge Jr., Asher Chanan-Khan


  • PDZ and LIM domain protein 2 (PDLIM2) acts as tumor suppressor by downregulating NF-kB and STAT3 signaling, modulating inflammation, immune response, and cell survival.

  • Mouse models have demonstrated that downregulation of PDLIM2 leads to PD-1 immune blockade and chemotherapy resistance.

  • We characterized the genomic and immunological landscape of PDLIM2 expression in Adenocarcinoma non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

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