Characterization of Necroptosis Activators in Colorectal Cancer


Karam Ashouri, Joanne Xiu, Yan Yang, Joshua Millstein, Shivani Soni, Sandra Algaze, Pooja Mittal, Alexandra Wong, Jae Ho Lo, Lesly Torres-Gonzalez, Anthony Shields, Richard Goldberg, Emil Lou, Benjamin Weinberg, John Marshall, Alexander Hoffmann, Lin Zhang, Jian Yu, Francesca Battaglin, Heinz-Josef Lenz


  • Necroptosis is a pro-inflammatory form of programmed cell death triggered by cellular stresses and extrinsic cytokines.
  • It is a potential therapeutic target for immunotherapy (IO) in colorectal cancer (CRC).
  • Here, we present comprehensive clinical and molecular characterization of key necroptosis regulators in CRC.
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