Characterization of ESR1 mutations in Endometrial and Ovarian Cancers


Stephanie Gaillard, Asnakech Bayable, Sachin Kumar Deshmukh, Utthara Nayar, Joanne Xiu, Lishann Ingram, Gretchen Hubbard, George Sledge, Thomas Herzog, Premal Thaker, Sharon Wu


  • Lowgrade ovarian(OC) and endometrial(EC) cancers frequently express estrogen receptor (ERα,encodedbyESR1), and are considered hormonally responsive tumors.
  • The use of endocrine therapy in the advanced and recurrent disease setting is common.
  • Mechanisms for endocrine therapy failure in gynecologic cancers are not well understood.
  • In breast cancer, ESR1 mutations (ESR1mt) confer resistance to endocrine therapy.
  • In this study, we aim to evaluate the prevalence of ESRmt, and associated characteristics in OC and EC.
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