Association of Adaptive Immunity Inflammatory Genes with Survival in Prostate Cancer


Austin Hopper, Harris Krause, Andrew Elliott, Alex Farrell, Leisa Sutton, Pablo Tamayo, Hannah Carter, Ahmed Shabaik, Andrew Sharabi, Peter Kuhn, Elisabeth Heath, Emmanuel Antonarakis, Chadi Nabhan, Napoleone Ferrara, Fotis Asimakopoulos, Ida Deichaite

Study Highlights

  • SELE and IL6 genes had a stronger association with FOSB in tumors biopsied from the primary as opposed to metastatic site.
  • A strong correlation is observed between immune check point genes and the TNF𝛼𝛼 across tumors biopsied at primary or metastatic sites.
  • High expression of ADAMTS4 is associated with better overall survival (OS) in the primary site but is associated with worse OS in the metastatic site.


  • We identified significant differences in the expression of inflammatory regulators and cytokines between localized and metastatic PCa tumors, which correlate with OS.
  • These changes in the immune microenvironment can be leveraged for rational immunotherapy development and better targeted approaches.
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