Caris’ Precision Oncology Alliance Continues to Grow Internationally as it Welcomes Curie Oncology from Singapore

Curie Oncology expands Caris’ collaborative network of oncology institutions focused on research into personalized therapies through precision medicine

IRVING, Texas March 9, 2021Caris Life Sciences®, a leading innovator in molecular science and artificial intelligence focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine, announced today that Curie Oncology from Singapore has joined Caris’ Precision Oncology Alliance™ (POA). The POA is a collaborative network of leading cancer centers that work together to advance comprehensive cancer profiling and establish standards of care for molecular testing in oncology through research focused on predictive and prognostic markers that improve clinical outcomes of cancer patients.

Curie Oncology is a leading boutique oncology practice in Singapore that provides multidisciplinary cancer care. Curie Oncology specializes in complex oncology that is guided by precision diagnostics to uncover patients’ cancer biomarkers to improve therapy options and outcomes.

“We pride ourselves as being early adopters of technology to provide our patients with cutting-edge medical diagnostics and treatment,” said Dr. Toh Chee Keong, Research Director, Curie Oncology. “We believe that furthering cancer research in precision diagnostics is the only way to cure cancer, and joining Caris’ Precision Oncology Alliance will allow us to understand cancer from its beginnings and use that knowledge to improve cancer treatments.”

“Like Caris, Curie Oncology puts patients first,” said Chadi Nabhan, M.D., MBA, FACP, Chairman of the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance. “Their team of physicians sees the patient benefit of collaborating with the POA to expand clinical trial participation and integrating precision oncology research into their clinical care platform.”

The Caris Precision Oncology Alliance includes 49 cancer centers and academic institutions. These institutions have early access to the extensive database and artificial intelligence platform within Caris to establish evidence-based standards for cancer profiling and molecular testing in oncology. By leveraging the comprehensive genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic profiling available through the Caris Molecular Intelligence® platform, Caris seeks to provide this network with the ability to prioritize therapeutic options and determine which clinical trial opportunities may benefit their patients. POA members are also able to integrate with a growing portfolio of biomarker directed trials sponsored by biopharma. Additionally, as a member of the POA, institutions have access to Caris CODEai™, the most comprehensive data solution in the industry with cancer treatment information and clinical outcomes data for over 244,000 patients covering over 1,000,000 data points per patient.

“Across the world, oncology centers of excellence are realizing the opportunities to advance precision medicine through research collaborations within the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance,” said Brian J. Brille, Vice Chairman of Caris Life Sciences. “We are excited for Curie Oncology to join us in our collective mission to expand precision medicine so that patients ultimately have better outcomes.”

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About Caris Life Sciences
Caris Life Sciences® is a leading innovator in molecular science and artificial intelligence focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine through quality and innovation. The company’s suite of market-leading molecular profiling offerings assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint that helps physicians and cancer patients make more precise and personalized treatment decisions. MI Exome whole exome sequencing with 22,000 DNA genes, and MI Transcriptome whole transcriptome sequencing with 22,000 RNA genes along with cancer-related pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungi analysis run on every patient provides the most comprehensive and clinically relevant DNA and RNA profiling available on the market.

Caris is also advancing precision medicine with Caris Artificial Intelligence, combining its market leading service offering, Caris Molecular Intelligence® with its proprietary artificial intelligence analytics engine, DEAN, to analyze the whole exome, whole transcriptome and complete cancer proteome. This information, coupled with mature clinical outcomes on thousands of patients, provides unmatched molecular solutions for patients, physicians, payers and biopharmaceutical organizations.

Caris Pharmatech is changing the paradigm and streamlines the clinical trial process by assisting biopharma companies with accessing research-ready oncology sites for clinical trials. With over 350 research sites within the Caris Pharmatech Just-In-Time (JIT) Oncology Network, biopharma companies can identify and enroll more patients, faster. Caris Pharmatech Just-In-Time Clinical Trial Solutions focus on rapid site activation and patient enrollment to streamline the drug development process. By implementing Caris’ Just-In-Time Trial-Matching System, Caris will automatically match patients to clinical trials and sites can be activated and eligible to enroll patients within one week.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Caris Life Sciences has offices in Phoenix, Denver, New York, and Basel, Switzerland. Caris provides services throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and other international markets. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter (@CarisLS).

About Curie Oncology
Curie Oncology is a group oncology practice specializing in complex oncology, with its doctors sub-specializing in their own tumor types. The group provides multidisciplinary care that is specific and personalized in order to help patients overcome cancer and rebuild their lives.

Curie believes that every patient should be treated and valued as one of our family members. The group adopts technology to provide access to leading-edge medical diagnostics and treatment. With Curie genetics, Curie is advancing to provide genetic counseling and testing for patients and family members with possible/confirmed heritable genetic cancer syndromes. This is in line with our goal to provide holistic care for our patients and their loved ones.

With three clinics in Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre and Farrer Park Medical Centre, Curie serves the local Singaporean population as well as patients from around the Southeast Asian region.

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