Caris Life Sciences Announces Upcoming Launch of Caris Target Now Select™

Service will Offer Enhanced Biomarker Analysis for Cancers of the Breast, Colon, and Ovary, as well as NSCLC and Melanoma
Irving, Tex., June 3, 2012 Caris Life Sciences®, a leading biosciences company focused on enabling precise and personalized healthcare through molecular profiling and blood-based diagnostic services, announces the upcoming introduction of Caris Target Now Select, an advanced, evidence-based molecular profiling service for patients with cancers of the breast, colon, and ovary, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and melanoma. The new service offering will augment the Caris Target Nowservice line and also include an enhanced version of the company’s original comprehensive molecular profiling service for all solid tumors.
Caris Target Now Select will be launched later in June for patients with breast cancer, colon cancer, surface epithelial ovarian cancer, NSCLC and melanoma. The new service incorporates numerous, updated, evidence-based technologies to determine the genomic information unique to a patient’s tumor. Key features of this new service will include ‘on-compendium only’ drug associations, faster turnaround time, the capability to derive meaningful results from smaller tissue samples, up to 30 reported biomarkers per patient (depending on tumor type), and biomarker-specific clinical trial matching.
“Caris Target Now Select represents the latest step forward in biomarker analysis, as it points the way toward appropriate, tumor-specific therapy for more patients, even in the earlier stages of cancer,” said Tom Spalding, Oncology Senior Vice President and Group Head at Caris Life Sciences. “Since the clinical utility of any single technology for biomarker analysis is limited, the Caris Target Now suite of services incorporates all relevant technologies to decode the entire cancer biological process of a patient’s tumor — from DNA mutation and gene rearrangements, to RNA and protein expression. This thorough approach provides detailed information to aid physicians in navigating the increasing number of therapeutic options both within and beyond the standard of care.”
Caris Target Now Select will utilize the strongest clinical evidence to highlight associations with appropriate therapies for the five target tumor types, as identified in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Drug & Biologics Compendium™[1]. Its availability will complement the newly enhanced version of Caris’ original molecular profiling service (now renamed Caris Target Now Comprehensive), which provides both on- and off-Compendium therapeutic associations for all solid tumors, across a wide range of evidence. For more information about Caris Target Now, go to
About Caris Life Sciences
Caris Life Sciences is a leading biosciences company focused on developing and delivering innovative molecular diagnostic, prognostic, and theranostic services. The company’s evidence-based molecular profiling service, Caris Target Now, matches molecular data generated from a patient’s tumor with biomarker/drug associations derived from the world’s leading clinical cancer literature. Caris Target Now uses advanced and clinically relevant technologies to provide physicians with information to aid in the selection of personalized cancer treatments more likely to work for each patient. Caris is also developing a series of blood tests based on the company’s patented Carisome® platform — a proprietary, blood-based testing technology for diagnosis, prognosis, and theranosis of cancer and other complex diseases. Through the precise and personalized information provided by technologies like Caris Target Now and Carisome, the company believes that the quality of healthcare can be dramatically improved, while also significantly reducing costs. Headquartered in the Dallas metroplex, Caris Life Sciences offers services throughout the United States, Europe, and other international markets. To learn more, please visit or
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[1] About the NCCN Drugs & Biologics Compendium (NCCN Compendium®). Fort Washington, PA: National Comprehensive Cancer Network; 2012. Available at: Accessed May 2, 2012.