Why Order Molecular Profiling?

Video Transcript

Every patient and every cancer is unique. To treat cancer, we must understand what drives its growth. With that knowledge, we can find where the tumor is vulnerable and recommend treatments that exploit its weaknesses. Caris performs this tumor analysis through a process called molecular profiling, or molecular testing.


Cancer is caused due to changes in genetic blueprint, leading to problems in the protein making process, which causes cells to grow incorrectly. A proper understanding of the cell’s genetic error is essential to selecting a successful treatment, and not all labs test for all the necessary elements. Caris’ molecular testing can identify errors, whether they are found in your body’s DNA, RNA or proteins to help your doctor recommend the best therapy for you.

Identifying Causes of Cancer

When you or your loved one are diagnosed with cancer you deserve the very best information available. Proper identification of the cause of your cancer is critical. Caris will analyze your cancer with the most comprehensive test on the market, examining every possible gene to provide you with the most precise information.

At Caris, patients are at the center of everything we do. We are pioneering the future of cancer treatment, so that cancer patients can live longer in the present. Ask your doctor specifically about Caris molecular profiling, or to find a doctor who is familiar with Caris and our cutting-edge technologies

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Patient Education Videos

The Central Principles of Molecular Biology video series is meant to help explain molecular profiling and cancer, so that you can understand how Caris molecular profiling helps fight cancer through precision oncology.