Vulnerability to immune therapy in BRAF- and MYB-altered pediatric gliomas


Michael DeCuypere, Melissa LoPresti, Hinda Najem, Shashwat Tripathi, Joanne Xiu, Hilary Seifert, Valerie Brown, Giselle López, Theodore Nicolaides, Craig Horbinski, Amy Heimberger


  • BRAF-and MYB-altered gliomas displayed high immune activation relative to other tumors.
  • IDH WT tumors have an immune suppressive microenvironment with relatively high immune checkpoint expression.
  • Based on predictive markers, BRAF-and MYB-driven gliomas show signatures suggesting the possibility of a greater response to immunotherapies than IDH WT/mutant gliomas or H3-3A mutant gliomas.
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