Not all treated KRAS-mutant pancreatic adenocarcinomas are equal: KRAS G12D and survival outcome.


Bach Ardalan, Aaron Ciner, Yasmine Baca, Sourat Darabi, Anup Kasi, Emil Lou, Jose Azqueta, Joanne Xiu, Chadi Nabhan, Anthony Shields, Andrew Aguirre, Harshabad Singh, Rachna Shroff, Michael Pishvaian, Sanjay Goel


  • Patients with G12D mutations have significantly lower survival compared to G12R.
  • Significant molecular differences were seen in MAPK pathway gene expression, markers of immune activation, and genes involved in glucose and glutamine metabolism.
  • Metformin use appeared to impact survival in the KRAS G12R subgroup.
  • We aim to further explore distinct vulnerabilities based on MAPK pathway activation and dysregulated metabolism.
  • Based on this data, future studies should address the KRAS mutation status and explore distinct therapeutic vulnerabilities.
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