APC as a high-utility mutational biomarker that may identify subpopulations of patients with mutant RAS/BRAF and right-sided colorectal cancer (CRC) who derive benefit from EGFR inhibitors (EGFRi)


Ramya Thota, Timothy Yeatman, Nishant Gandhi, Mingli Yang, Michael Schell, Lance Pflieger, Andrey Loboda, Michael Nebozhyn, Andrew Elliott, Joanne Xiu, George W. Sledge Jr., Moh’d M. Khushman, Emil Lou, Sanjay Goel, Warren Jack Pledger

Key Finding:

  • Half of KRAS-wild type mCRC patients fail to respond to EGFR inhibitors. Studying EGFRi-treated CRC samples from the Caris clinico-genomic database unveils two potential biomarkers of EGFRi sensitivty: APC mutation status and CTX sensitivity score (CTX-S).
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