Caris Molecular Intelligence® is one of the first molecular testing offerings that combines comprehensive laboratory testing with a thorough analysis of the most up-to-date clinical cancer literature on biomarkers. This personalized tumor profile provides your physician with information to aid in tailoring your treatment plan.

Caris Molecular Intelligence may only be ordered by physicians. If you would like to investigate the possibility of ordering molecular testing from Caris Life Sciences®, please consult with your oncologist or visit our Find A Physician page.


We understand the financial burden of cancer care can be overwhelming at times and we are here to address any questions you may have related to the cost of molecular testing. Our dedicated Patient Navigators are exclusively focused on supporting patients and are ready to assist you with any financial questions, as well as with tumor profiling or biomarker/therapy questions. To review commonly asked questions and answers about our billing services, visit our Frequently Asked Billing Questions page. Horizontal Logo

Caris Life Sciences also has a patient friendly site ( with additional information about molecular profiling, cancer biomarkers and the transformation of cancer treatment through precision medicine.

Caris Life Sciences Infographic - How Molecular Tumor Profiling Works for Cancer
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