When the next step in treatment is unclear, Caris Molecular Intelligence® can help oncologists illuminate a clearer path to treatment selection by providing relevant, clinically actionable and individualized treatment information to personalize cancer care for all solid tumors.


Caris Molecular Intelligence uses multiple molecular testing technologies – including Immunohistochemistry, in situ Hybridization, 46- and 592-gene Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sanger Sequencing, Pyro Sequencing and Fragment Analysis – in order to detect and analyze biomarkers. Coupled with an exhaustive review of literature correlating biomarker to drug responses, Caris Molecular Intelligence provides the information oncologists need in order to personalize cancer treatment based on the biology of their patient’s tumor.

Tumor Profiling Connects Cancer Biology to Actionable Therapeutic Options

Caris Molecular Intelligence:

  • Uses a combination of technologies to analyze each tumor
  • Based upon an extensive review of the world’s clinical literature correlating biomarkers to drug response
  • Associates therapeutic agents with benefit or lack of benefit
  • May reveal treatments not previously considered
  • Identifies open, relevant clinical trials based on the patient’s expressed biomarkers with the Clinical Trials Connector™
  • Provides clinically actionable information in one convenient report
  • Rapid turnaround time (2017 average: 8 days)