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by individualizing cancer treatments and pioneering a better molecular understanding of cancer

Caris Life Sciences believes personalized and precise information can change the face of cancer care

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Caris Life Sciences® enables the delivery of precision medicine through a suite of innovative technologies and services. With the first comprehensive, evidence-guided tumor profiling service, we generate sophisticated and actionable information from a patient’s tumor that serves as a blueprint to personalize cancer therapy and improve outcomes.

Eradicating cancer completely requires the ability to assess and understand the biological complexity we see in every tumor and every patient. To address that need, we have also developed a patented and proprietary exosome profiling technology to reveal critical information about disease at its earliest stages from a simple blood test.

Decoding cancer to help doctors individualize treatment

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Revolutionary blood-based profiling technology

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Improved Tumor Profiling Report

This new report format was created by oncologists for oncologists – enhancing a busy physician’s ability to more easily digest molecular information.

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Caris Life Sciences at ASCO 2015

Visit our central hub for all Caris Life Sciences’ profiling data presented at ASCO 2015.

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Latest Scientific Publications

View the latest publications from Caris, as well as abstracts and posters presented to the clinical oncology community.

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When the next step in treatment is uncertain, Caris Life Sciences illuminates a clearer path to personalized treatment selection through our industry leading tumor profiling service, Caris Molecular Intelligence. Also, learn how we are pioneering a new era in cancer detection with our proprietary, blood-based Carisome® TOP™ platform.

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It’s time to treat cancer smarter


Although cancer treatments have significantly advanced over the years, current cancer care options are failing too many patients. It’s time to treat cancer smarter. An analysis of your cancer with tumor profiling may identify biomarkers that could lead towards a better understanding of what is causing your cancer to grow and inform personalized treatments to specifically target your cancer.

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As a leader in precision healthcare and informatics, Caris Life Sciences is continually exploring new technologies and partnering with other trailblazers in the field. We’re always excited to share our most recent accomplishments and discoveries.

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