Fulfilling the promise of precision medicine through quality and innovation

by individualizing cancer treatments and pioneering a better molecular understanding of cancer

Caris Life Sciences believes personalized and precise information can change the face of cancer care

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To fulfill the promise of precision medicine and to facilitate a deeper understanding of the biology of cancer and other complex diseases, Caris Life Sciences® has developed a patented and proprietary biotargeting system to identify novel molecular targets for drug development and advanced diagnostics.

Caris Life Sciences also pioneered the first comprehensive, technology agnostic molecular testing offering to help physicians make more informed treatment decisions. As the industry leader, Caris provides reliable and actionable information about a patient’s tumor that serves as a molecular blueprint to personalize cancer therapy and improve care.

Identifying novel molecular targets for drug development and diagnostics

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Molecular testing to guide optimum treatment selection by physicians

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Introducing C.O.D.E.

Through our proprietary data analysis and visualization tool called C.O.D.E., the evidence shows that by following Caris Molecular Intelligence results physicians are able to extend life for cancer patients by one year. Find out how.

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The Power of Immunotherapy

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are rapidly ushering in a new era of precision medicine. Comprehensive genomic and proteomic profiling with CMI can help oncologists identify patients more likely to respond to these novel drugs. Learn more about PD-L1, MSI and Total Mutational Load testing.

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Total Mutational Load

Total Mutational Load for Immunotherapy Response is an emerging, quantitative indicator for predicting response to novel immune checkpoint inhibitors across a wide spectrum of tumor types.

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When the next step in treatment is uncertain, Caris Life Sciences illuminates a clearer path to personalized treatment selection with our industry leading, patented and proprietary offering, Caris Molecular Intelligence. Also, learn how we are pioneering a new era in drug development and advanced diagnostics with our proprietary, blood-based ADAPT Biotargeting System platform.

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It’s time to treat cancer smarter


Although cancer treatments have significantly advanced over the years, current cancer care options are failing too many patients. It’s time to treat cancer smarter. An analysis of your cancer with Caris Molecular Intelligence may identify biomarkers that could lead towards a better understanding of what is causing your cancer to grow and inform personalized treatments to specifically target your cancer.

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As a leader in precision healthcare and informatics, Caris Life Sciences is continually exploring new technologies and partnering with other trailblazers in the field. We’re always excited to share our most recent accomplishments and discoveries.

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