Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Reveals Oncogenic Fusions in Melanoma


Sourat Darabi, Andrew Elliott, David R. Braxton, Jia Zeng, Kelsey Poorman, Geoffrey T. Gibney, Justin Moser, Thuy Phung, Michael B. Atkins, Gino K. In, W. Michael Korn, Burton L. Eisenberg, and Michael J. Demeure

• Somatic genomic alterations occur frequently in melanoma
• BRAF mutations are the most clinically relevant as they predict for response to targeted therapies
• Oncogenic gene fusions are frequently identified in different cancers with an unknown incidence in melanoma
• Targeted therapies are approved for specific gene fusions in other tumor types and are now standard of care
• The aim of this retrospective study was to determine the prevalence of oncogenic fusions in metastatic or locally advanced melanoma
• Gene expression analysis across a broad group of melanomas with and without fusions was performed in order to better elucidate the functional consequences of gene fusions in this aggressive malignancy

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