Caris Life Sciences® (Caris) provides employees a distinctive opportunity to work at the leading edge of science and medicine among top scientific and medical professionals, who are focused on innovating and advancing precision medicine to achieve greater results each day.

Caris paved the way for precision healthcare in order to help patients and their physicians find the right treatment for cancer and other complex diseases based on an understanding that each patient is unique and deserves treatment options designed specifically for them. By combining state-of-the-art testing methodologies with emerging technologies and evolving medical and scientific insight, Caris is able to focus on individual outcomes AND advance the way healthcare is delivered around the world.

Choose Your Path

Our scientific and medical professionals can choose to work from our Phoenix, AZ office in one of two capacities:

Operational laboratory delivering superior insights to physicians and directly impacting the treatment of cancer patients today blake_175wX100h peggy_175wX100h


R&D setting focused on developing platforms to help the patients of tomorrow. valeriy_175wX100h valeriy2_175wX100h

Our corporate professionals and field based sales team work cross- functionally to drive business success.

Our sales team members operate in the field servicing our nationwide client base. Some of the Caris Sales team


Our corporate staff (IT, Accounting/Finance, Billing, HR, Marketing, and Legal) are headquartered in our Irving, Texas location with some positions located in Phoenix, AZ and Basel, Switzerland. Some of the Caris HR, IT employees in Irving, TX

Caris Employee Breakdown by Role

Because we are committed to advancing scientific discovery, the pace of our business model must responsively adjust to meet the capabilities and needs of the marketplaces we serve. This increases the shared alignment, magnitude, visibility, and empowerment of each and every role forming a results-oriented environment. With those expectations and empowerment comes the opportunity for great rewards for employees who go above and beyond to achieve business results.

If you are ready for the challenges and opportunities that come with an environment defined by high expectations and empowerment to achieve, Caris may be the place for you to redefine your career.