A Pilot Study Utilizing Molecular Profiling to Find Potential Targets and Select Individualized Treatments for Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer


Gayle Jameson, Emanual Petricoin, Jasgit Sachdev, Lance Liotta, David Loesch, Stephen Anthony, Manpreet Chadha, Mariaelena Pierobon, Kimberly Reeder, Monica Fulk, Linda Vocila, Nina Cantafio, Bryant Dunetz, Nicholas Robert


A recent non-randomized pilot study utilizing molecular profiling (MP) of patients’ tumors to find potential targets and select treatments (Von Hoff, et al., 2010), concluded that:

  • This MP approach to selecting treatments benefitted 27% of patients (n=66) with a variety of solid tumor types (95% CI 17-38%) p=0.007, who had disease progression on all prior therapies.
  • Clinical benefit was defined by a Growth Modulation Index (GMI) of ≥ 1.3 which calculated the patient’s PFS ratio (PFS on MP selected therapy/PFS on prior therapy).
  • 44% (8 of 18) patients with metastatic breast cancer demonstrated longer PFS on an MP suggested regimen compared with the most recent prior regimen on which the patient had experienced PD, (GMI of ≥ 1.3).

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