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If you are interested in learning about whether you may benefit from molecular profiling, talk with your oncologist. As with any treatment plan, you and your doctor will need to work together to decide what options may work best for you. Patients cannot order molecular profiling tests, but you can be proactive about raising this topic with your doctor.

Questions for your Doctor

Unlike consumer DNA testing kits to determine ancestry, patients cannot order molecular profiling tests, but you can be proactive in discussing this topic with your doctor.  If you are interested in learning whether molecular profiling may be appropriate for treatment decision-making in your cancer, talk with your oncologist. As with any treatment plan, you and your doctor will decide what options are best.

Questions to consider asking your treating oncologist:

  • What is personalized medicine and molecular profiling and why is it important?
  • What does a molecular profile analyze?
  • Who will perform the molecular profiling analysis?
  • How many biomarkers will be analyzed and what is being included in the profile?
  • Will I need another biopsy or is an ample, high-quality specimen available?
  • How long will it take to get the results back and when can results be discussed?
  • How could molecular profiling change my course of treatment?
  • Will the test provide information about my response to immunotherapy?
  • Are germline mutations being reported?  Why is knowing germline mutations important?
  • Can molecular profiling identify clinical trial opportunities to treat my cancer?

What should I ask?​

Be sure to make the most of your time with your physician by planning ahead. Download a list of questions you may want to ask.

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Are you looking for an oncologist with expertise in molecular profiling? Caris Life Sciences® maintains a database of physicians who have previously ordered Caris Molecular Intelligence® offerings.​

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Molecular Tumor Board

The Caris Molecular Tumor Board is an innovative, real-time approach combining molecular analysis and treatment selection for difficult-to-treat cases.  The end goal is simple:  to offer the most informed, personalized treatment strategies to oncologists and their patients.

Our approach facilitates collaboration on patient cases while providing:

  • Expertise – specialists representing institutions from across the country work together to ensure appropriate testing and treatment options are being considered for your patient(s).
  • Thorough Review of Management Options – reviews go beyond standard of care therapies, with recommendations that may include clinical trials of matched targeted therapies as well as additional tumor or germline genetic testing suggestions.
  • Accelerated Review Time – our streamlined protocols lead to each submitted patient case being reviewed within seven days.
  • Virtual Platform – our interface allows oncologists to post and review patient medical records and other relevant info from anywhere in the country while allowing their patients to be treated locally.

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