Missing Critical Insights for Tumor Therapy Selection?

Get a more complete picture with Comprehensive Molecular Profiling

Comprehensive molecular profiling (CMP) offers the most in-depth insights into a tumor’s makeup

In today’s precision-focused oncology practice, traditional molecular profiling methods may not provide a complete picture of a patient’s cancer. CMP fills this crucial gap by ensuring you have the most comprehensive information at your fingertips in your pursuit of optimal patient care.

Comprehensive Molecular Profiling (CMP)

of alterations are missed by small hotspot panels.1

of patients tested with non-NGS methods had a missed targeted therapy option versus 3% of patients who underwent comprehensive genomic profiling.2

CMP reduces the chance of missing genomic alterations and targeted therapy options.

Read about the advantages of CMP in biomarker analysis and its impact on precision oncology.
  1. Zehir A, Benayed R, Shah RH, et al. Mutational landscape of metastatic cancer revealed from prospective clinical sequencing of 10,000 patients. Nat Med. Jun 2017;23(6):703-713. doi:10.1038/nm.4333
  2. Paz-Ares L, Gondos A, Saldana D, et al. Genomic testing among patients with newly diagnosed advanced non-small cell lung cancer in the United States: A contemporary clinical practice patterns study. Lung Cancer. 2022/05/01/ 2022;167:41-48. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lungcan.2022.01.021

Clinical Utility, Now and in the Future

CMP generates a comprehensive roadmap for therapy selection today, while facilitating the future use of newly approved biomarkers and treatments, plus clinical trial enrollment. CMP simplifies and streamlines clinical decision-making, empowering physicians to develop the most informed care plans for patients. By enabling selection of the right therapy from the start and avoid costly, non-beneficial treatments, CMP can help improve outcomes while minimizing downstream costs, ineffective therapies, and unnecessary toxicity.


Caris Comprehensive Molecular Profiling

23,000+ genes

  • whole exome sequencing (WES-DNA)
  • whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS-RNA)
  • 15+ proteins*

  • PD-L1 (22c3, 28-8, SP142, SP263) by IHC
  • Other tumor-specific proteins by IHC
  • Specimen options

  • Tissue (fresh or PPFE)
  • Blood* (2 tubes whole blood)
  • NGS signatures/features

  • Tissue (gLOH, HRD, MSI, TMB, HLA genotyping)
  • Blood* (bTMB, MSI, HLA genotyping)
  • AI signatures*

  • Caris FOLFIRSTai™ (mCRC cases)
  • Caris GPSai™ (CUP cases)
  • Pathogen detection*

  • Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
  • Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (MCPyV)
  • Human Papillomvirus (HPV)
  • *Not available in all locations.






    Somatic Tumor

    Incidental CHIP

    Incidental Germline*

    How can CMP Elevate Your Clinical Care?

    By unleashing the full potential of CMP in cancer care, you can ensure no vital information is left undiscovered in your pursuit of improved patient outcomes.

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