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Knowing what cancer looks like at the molecular level can lead to better treatment options for you. Regardless of where a tumor is located, its molecular composition tells doctors a lot about how the cancer may behave and what treatments may be most effective. The science behind molecular profiling has made significant progress in recent years, and physicians can increasingly match your cancer’s biomarkers to a specific treatment, increasing the probability that you’ll have a positive outcome.​

Cancer treatments have advanced dramatically over the years. It is increasingly important to understand the molecular features of a cancer when the diagnosis is made in order to allow oncologists to chart an optimal treatment path for you. And even if you’ve been recently started on treatment, or are seeking new treatment options, let us be your concierge for exploring options to treat your cancer.

No two tumors are alike. It is imperative to have the most advanced treatment assessment available when making decisions about an individual patient. Caris Molecular Intelligence® can identify molecular changes (biomarkers) in your tumor that provide invaluable information on whether your tumor may or may not respond to specific drugs or if you are a potential candidate for clinical trials.

How Molecular Profiling Works

Caris Molecular Intelligence performs thorough molecular testing on DNA, RNA and proteins to identify the biomarkers relevant for optimized treatment decisions in a patient’s tumor, and to compare the biomarkers with data from clinical studies around the world. This is a powerful asset to aid clinical decisions regarding individual cancer therapies. Caris Molecular Intelligence enables clinicians to:
  • Identify therapies with potential benefit
  • Identify therapies that may not have been considered
  • Determine drugs with potential lack of benefit (avoiding unnecessary toxicities and costs)
  • Match patients to clinical trials

What are Biomarkers?

Biomarkers are molecules that indicate a normal or abnormal process occurring in your body and may be a sign of an underlying condition or disease.

Deciding How to Treat Cancer

Your oncologist will discuss with you available treatment options that are frequently based on large studies and have been established as standard of care. These treatment options increasingly require knowledge about biomarkers in your individual case. Beyond that, molecular studies can guide the way toward individualized treatments beyond the standard of care and assist in identifying clinical trials that match your cancer’s profile.

Can I order the test myself?

Healthcare providers can order a Caris Molecular Intelligence test online, by email, or via fax. After the requisition form is completed, we obtain the necessary documents and samples to complete the request. A patient cannot order a test without their physician.

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