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Caris Life Sciences offers unique precision medicine services that are designed to maximize the chances of success for clinical trials and address many patient accrual challenges facing biopharma partners in the world of precision medicine.

Caris Pharmatech: Solving the Clinical Trial Dilemma

Clinical trials offer patients alternatives for treatment. With more than 6,000 clinical trials available, patient participation in oncology clinical trials is less than 5 percent due to lack of awareness. Caris Pharmatech Clinical Trial Solutions empowers physicians and strengthens their treatment plans by connecting patients to clinical trials and expanded treatment options.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Solutions

With more than 20 years of oncology clinical trial experience, Caris Pharmatech Just-In-Time (JIT) Clinical Trial Solutions is designed to rapidly identify and enroll patients into clinical trials in about 2 weeks, and as little as 5 days. With a robust portfolio of clinical trials with leading biopharmaceutical companies, this innovative system reduces the burden on research facilities and physicians while increasing patient access to a larger number of potential treatment options.

Cancer Patient to Clinical Trial Match Process | Just-In-Time Solutions

White-Glove Trial Matching - Clinical Trial Navigator

Our enhanced patient-trial matching is conducted through our Clinical Trial Navigators (CTNs), trained registered nurses specializing in oncology clinical trials. Once the CTNs receive biomarker results from Caris Comprehensive Genomic Profiling, the CTN conducts an in-depth review of inclusion and exclusion criteria of available clinical trials through a proprietary database. Once criteria is verified and a match is determined, the CTN contacts the physician alerting the treating oncologist of the recruiting clinical trial.


Accelerated Site Activation

Caris Pharmatech JIT Clinical Trial Solutions eliminates repetitive contracting, feasibility and site qualification activities so providers can focus on treating their patients, rather than the administrative burden of clinical trial start up. The Caris Pharmatech team works with the site to develop, review and submit required regulatory paperwork and documentation.

                For each site, Caris Pharmatech maintains the following documents and processes:

  • Master CDA
  • Master Clinical Research Agreement
  • Core Regulatory Documents
  • Standardized site qualification

Clinical Trials Connector™

Caris reports deliver high impact results, including potentially relevant, actionable clinical trial information in an easy-to-interpret format. Every report includes access to the MI Portal and the Caris Molecular Intelligence® Clinical Trials Connector™, which matches each patient’s unique biomarker expression profile to open, and pertinent, clinical trial opportunities.

The Clinical Trials Connector™ allows clinicians to quickly identify and review clinical trial opportunities in real-time that are matched based on the results for each patient. When viewed through MI Portal, the Clinical Trials Connector™ becomes fully interactive through customizable search and side-by-side comparisons.

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