The Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Immunological Landscape of TROP2 in Solid Tumors


Asaad Trabolsi, Samuel Kareff, Estelamari Rodriguez, Harris Krause, Heng Tan, Dan Morgenstern-Kaplan, Emmanuel Antonarakis, Emil Lou, Misako Nagasaka, Sandra Algaze, Heinz-Josef Lenz, Stephen Liu, Balazs Halmos, Dave Hoon, Andreas Seeber, Patrick Ma, Wafik El- Deiry, Ari Vanderwalde, George Sledge, Gilberto Lopes

Study Highlights

  • The genomic landscape of high versus low TACSTD2 expressors varied widely by cancer type.
  • Significant but small difference in TACSTD2 expression was observed between primary and metastatic sites.
  • There was an increased prevalence of T Cellinflamed tumors in the top quartile of TACSTD2 expressors across investigated tumor types.
  • High expression of TACSTD2 was associated with worse overall survival in Breast, CRC and PDAC tumors.


  • The association of TACSTD2 expression with KRAS, TP53 and ARID1A mutations and T cell inflamed tumors (ICI responsive) should be considered as possible combination therapies with TROP2 targeting antibody drug conjugates.
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