The genomic transcriptomic and immunologic landscape of TEM8 ANTXR1 in Small Cell Lung Cancer SCLC


Samuel Kareff, Harris Krause, Andrew Elliott, Gilberto Lopes, Emil Lou, Heloisa Soares, Matthew Oberley, Aman Chauhan


  • The TEM8 receptor (ANTXR1) is overexpressed in malignant tissues, with novel oncolytic viruses such as SVV-001 uniquely binding on tumor-associated angiogenic endothelial cells, pericytes, fibroblasts, and immune inflammatory cells
  • Recent pre-clinical data suggest that TEM8-targeting therapies may convert immunologically “cold” tumor microenvironments (TMEs) into “hot” milieu more amenable to treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs)
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