The genomic, transcriptomic, an immunological profile of patients with recurrent refractory NSCLC


Dan Morgenstern Kaplan, Samuel Kareff, Nishant Gandhi, Andrew Elliott, Marco Magistri, Daniel Sumarriva, Ari Vanderwalde, Ana Salazar, Patrick Ma, Balazs Halmos, Coral Olazagasti, Gilberto Lopes, Hina Khan, Estelamari Rodriguez


  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, and >50% of patients present as stage III or IV.
  • Recently, patients with relapsing/remitting stage III NSCLC (R/R) were described to have worse overall survival compared to de novo stage IV (DN) patients when treated with chemoradiation and immunotherapy.
  • In this study, we aimed to compare the molecular and immune landscapes of these two patient populations to identify potential differences in biomarkers of resistance and possible targets for therapy.
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