The current state of molecular testing in the treatment of patients with solid tumors, 2019


Wafik S. El‐Deiry MD, PhD, FACP Richard M. Goldberg MD Heinz‐Josef Lenz MD, FAPC Anthony F. Shields MD, PhD Geoffrey T. Gibney MD Antoinette R. Tan MD, MHSc Jubilee Brown MD Burton Eisenberg MD Elisabeth I. Heath MD, FACP Surasak Phuphanich MD Edward Kim MD, FACP, FASCO Andrew J. Brenner MD, PhD John L. Marshall MD


The world of molecular profiling has undergone revolutionary changes over the last few years as knowledge, technology, and even standard clinical practice have evolved. Broad molecular profiling is now nearly essential for all patients with metastatic solid tumors. New agents have been approved based on molecular testing instead of tumor site of origin. Molecular profiling methodologies have likewise changed such that tests that were performed on patients a few years ago are no longer complete and possibly inaccurate today. As with all rapid change, medical providers can quickly fall behind or struggle to find up‐to‐date sources to ensure he or she provides optimum care. In this review, the authors provide the current state of the art for molecular profiling/precision medicine, practice standards, and a view into the future ahead.

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