Survival and Mutational Differences based on ESR1 and ESR2 expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer NSCLC


Robert Hsu, Alexis Leyba, Denaly Chen, Harris Krause, Andrew Elliott, Wendy Cozen, Evanthia Roussos Torres, Misako Nagasaka, Hirva Mamdani, Gilberto Lopes, Hossein Borghaei, Stephen Liu, Patrick Ma, Ari Vanderwalde, Jorge Nieva


  • Estrogen receptor (ER) can activate MAPK signaling but the contribution of the two classical receptors, ER-alpha (ESR1) and ER-beta (ESR2), is unclear.
  • Past trials targeting ER and EGFR in NSCLC lacked efficacy.
  • We evaluated the association of ESR1&2 expression with the genomic landscape and overall survival (OS) in NSCLC.
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