Prevalence and Prognosis of ER-Loss in Advanced Invasive Lobular Carcinoma


Whitney L Hensing, Joanne Xiu, W. Michael Korn, Stephanie L Graff, Irene Kang, Evanthia Roussos Torres, Arielle L Heeke, Andrew A. Davis, Nusayba A. Bagegni, Katherine Clifton, Ron Bose, Cynthia Ma, Foluso O. Ademuyiwa

Key Findings:

  • In a large real-word dataset, ER-loss likely occurred in 11.4% of invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC).
  • ER-loss in ILC was associated with worse overall survival compared to ER-loss in invasive ductal carcinoma and ILC without ER-loss.
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