PD-L1 and alternative immune checkpoints AICs in non-small cell lung cancer NSCLC Insights into the tumor immune microenvironment TIME and immunotherapy IO outcomes


Angelica D’Aiello, Shayan Nazari, Hyein Jeon, Andrew Elliott, Ari Vanderwalde, Hossein Borghaei, Stephen Liu, Xingxing Zang, Balazs Halmos, Haiying Cheng


  • We previously showed that HHLA2 is expressed in ~2/3NSCLC and associated with EGFR mutation status (1), and that the majority of PD-L1 neg NSLCC express B7x and HHLA2 (2)
  • We sought to explore patterns of PD-L1 and AICs within the TIME and impact on IO outcomes
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