Mutations in the Kinase Domain of the HER2/ERBB2 Gene Identified in a Wide Variety of Human Cancers


Wenhsiang Wen, Wangjuh Sting Chen, Nick Xiao, Ryan Bender, Anatole Ghazalpour, Zheng Tan, Jeffrey Swensen, Sherri Z Millis, Gargi Basu, Zoran Gatalica, Michael F Press


The HER2 (official name ERBB2) gene encodes a membrane receptor in the epidermal growth factor receptor family amplified and overexpressed in adenocarcinoma. Activating mutations also occur in several cancers. We report mutation analyses of the HER2 kinase domain in 7497 histologically diverse cancers. Forty-five genes, including the kinase domain of HER2 with HER2 IHC and dual in situ hybridization, were analyzed in tumors from 7497 patients with cancer, including 850 breast, 770 colorectal, 910 non-small cell lung, 823 uterine or cervical, 1372 ovarian, and 297 pancreatic cancers, as well as 323 melanomas and 2152 other solid tumors. Sixty-nine HER2 kinase domain mutations were identified in tumors from 68 patients (approximately 1% of all cases, ranging from absent in sarcomas to 4% in urothelial cancers), which included previously published activating mutations and 13 novel mutations. Fourteen cases with coexisting HER2 mutation and amplification and/or overexpression were identified. Fifty-two of 68 patients had additional mutations in other analyzed genes, whereas 16 patients (23%) had HER2 mutations identified as the sole driver mutation. HER2 mutations coexisted with HER2 gene amplification and overexpression and with mutations in other functionally important genes. HER2 mutations were identified as the only driver mutation in a significant proportion of solid cancers. Evaluation of anti-HER2 therapies in nonamplified, HER2-mutated cancers is warranted.

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