Multidimensional analysis of B7 homolog 3 B7-H3 RNA expression in small cell lung cancer SCLC molecular subtypes


Carl Gay, Taofeek Owonikoko, Lauren Byers, Noura Choudhury, Sajid Ahmed, Zachary Cain, Xiaozhong Qian, Matthew Brentnall, Simon Heeke, Ming Poi, Sharon Wu, Charles Rudin


  • B7-H3 (CD276), a transmembrane protein showing low expression in normal tissues but overexpression in SCLC and other solid tumors, is a promising target for ADCs1,2
  • We performed a multidimensional analysis of B7-H3/CD276 RNA expression in SCLC molecular subtypes, comparing expression with that of another key molecular target in SCLC, DLL33
  • We also analyzed the relationship of B7-H3 RNA expression with the expression of other immunerelated genes and gene signatures


  • B7-H3 showed high and consistent expression across subgroups of patients with SCLC defined by the tumor molecular subtype or prior immunotherapy use
  • The relative expression of B7-H3 was higher and less variable among molecular subtypes than for DLL3, which is another potential molecular target in this tumor type3
  • B7-H3 expression had limited association with PD-L1 expression, supporting a role as a distinct therapeutic target
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