Multi-omic Profiling of Metastatic Lesions to Guide Treatment Selection: The Side Out 2 Trial Experience Associations of age, PD-L1 status, BRAF mutation and TMB in advanced melanoma


Pierobon M, Robert NJ, Northfelt DW, Jahanzeb M, Wong S, Hodge KA, Aldrich J, Craig DW, Liotta LA, Wulfkuhle JD, Gallagher RI, Arguello D, Conrad A, Kemkes AC, Loesch DM, Vocila L, Dunetz B, Carpten JD, Petricoin EF, Anthony SP

Study Primary Objective

The aim of this prospective pilot study was to explore if treatment selection based on Multi-omic Profiling (MoP) provides clinical benefits superior to empiric treatment selection in progressive metastatic breast cancers (MBC).

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