Multi-omic analysis of the prognostic and predictive value of LAG3 expression in urothelial carcinoma


Adanma Ayanambakkam, Anh Lam, Kieran Sweeney, Chao Xu, Andrew Elliott, Seven Tomek, Chadi Nabhan, Sumati Gupta, Jad Chahoud, Debasish Sundi, William Skelton, Laura Graham, Lyudmyla Berim, Sean Kern, Stephen Edge, Yousef Zakharia, Abhishek Tripathi, Rana McKay, Abdul Rafeh Naqash, Bodour Salhia


  • LAG3 is an immune checkpoint receptor protein expressed on immune cells, and LAG3 negatively regulates T-cell function and can promote tumor cell immune escape
  • Co-blockade of PD1 and LAG3 enhanced anti-tumor responses in preclinical mouse models (ovarian cancer and colon adenocarcinoma)
  • Nivolumab (anti-PD1) and Relatlimab (anti-LAG3) combination therapy has been approved to treat metastatic melanoma
  • Despite its established prognostic significance in other malignancies, the role of LAG3 as a prognostic or predictive biomarker in urothelial carcinoma (UC) remains inadequately studied


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